FAQ: Why is lead time 60-90 days?

Get to know the steps involved in creating a Philippine product!

Over the years, our customers frequently ask us the same question - “Why is your production time 60-90 days?” Find out why!

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Over the years, we have grown to love the natural material we work with. It has inspired us to create memorable collections and innovative concepts. Through the skill of our team and craftsmen, we have developed designs that complement the strength and beauty of natural material.

Take a look at our gallery of favorite natural materials. Can you guess what they are? Hover over the photos and see if you got it right!

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Our First Community Feature: The NAVI Collection

“ When I saw this material, I knew it was something special. After I learned its story and the community behind it, I was deeply inspired and felt a new kind of connection for recycled material and social responsibility. The Navi Recycled Marine Rope started our annual Community Feature Product Range.” – Paula Rodriguez, Designer. 
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The Beginning of Co-Creative Studio

Co-Creative Studio has been a long time coming for us.  After almost 10 years in the Furniture and Home Accessory Design & Export business, we decided to develop our own brand that is inspired by our beliefs and roles as Filipino designers in the global market.

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