The Beginning of Co-Creative Studio

Co-Creative Studio has been a long time coming for us.  After almost 10 years in the Furniture and Home Accessory Design & Export business, we decided to develop our own brand that is inspired by our beliefs and roles as Filipino designers in the global market.

Co-Creative Studio was conceptualized with much thought on the kind of difference we wanted to make in the industry as well as market demands from our clients. Being in-house designers in our respective companies, we were able to realize what was important to us and what we wanted out of the business we were in.

Because of this, Co-Creative Studio was transpired by 6 company ideals:


We are an advocate of Local Material and Craft. With an awareness of Social Responsibility, designs from Co-Creative Studio aims to benefit the communities who work on the Natural Materials and its genuine artistry.

Co-Creative Studio Birdbath Blog Paula Rodriguez
“ As Filipino designers, we are very much aware that every design we create may help a community grow in their way of life and in their skill.” – Paula


We build a mutual and cooperating relationship with our clients and creative collaborators for a productive working atmosphere.

“Throughout our years in design, Vikki and I have always worked alongside each other’s comments and suggestions. Design and product development is never a one man job!” - Paula 


We are building an online presence that aims to share, educate, and inspire others with the work we do.

“It is important to have an online presence these days. In social media, we can easily reach out to people and get them to understand what we do. We want to tell a story. With it, we create experiences, we make connections, and we shape information into meaning.” -Vikki


We gain an understanding of our clients and their target market. We focus on what our client needs.

“In the past, clients have asked us to design for their companies, but we focused more on creating our own look. In Co-Creative Studio, we have put our clients’ needs first. We make sure to know what their company stands for, to study their look and target market, while always staying true to who we are as a brand.” -Vikki   


We are a creative team working together towards a common goal. By collaborating with designers with the same passion as ours, we make sure to have an open and effective working relationship with one another.

“ It can be difficult to find a designer who is a team player. With this, we are always looking for Creative Collaborators with the same mission as we do – to develop quality designs that benefit the studio’s goals.” – Paula


We have developed a solid foundation on which we perform our work and conduct our brand – quality products, services and relationships.

“What makes Co-Creative Studio special is the fact that we always approach our designs and clients with an open mind. We value each other’s design flexibility and every client’s differences, but always keeping to the quality of our brand.” -Vikki
Co-Creative Studio Nautilus Blog Paula Rodriguez

Co-Creative Studio is a Design, Market and Community oriented brand that hopes to inspire and initiate an appreciation for Filipino Design. We push innovations with our Natural Material and to enhance and exercise Local Craft, while paving way for creative collaborations with clients and other aspiring designers. With successful and humbling experiences in our first few months of business, we are looking forward to sharing more of our work to the rest of the world!