“Inspiration in our design comes from a place of simplicity and human connection.” 

- Paula Rodriguez

As creative directors in our design and manufacturing businesses, Vikki and I constantly get questions like:

What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from? Who do you look up to in design?

Over the years, it has been a joy for us to share our beliefs and ideas to peers, young designers or publications. So what inspires us?

It is simple really. We are inspired by our people. 

Our source of inspiration comes from a place of human connection. In fact, this was our biggest motivation when putting up Co-Creative Studio. When you work with people instead of machines, the relationships you have with your office, craftsmen and suppliers become priceless. For us, we are only able to create good design through the work of our artisans and partners.

“Before Co-Creative Studio, I remember feeling like there was something missing in my design process. I felt that despite designing through aesthetics, the end product was not enough for me. There was a gaping hole in the way I viewed my designs. After developing the NAVI collection, I finally felt a connection. The work we did with the community left me feeling more connected to a design than I thought possible. It was my newfound inspiration. It was human connection and collaboration. This immensely grew into my design point of view, and then into Co-Creative Studio.” - Paula

“When you are in the business of design and manufacturing as I am, you get constantly asked what your inspiration is. People would love to hear that you were inspired by nature by experiences, etc. But truth is that it's our workers that inspire me. From our weavers to our office staff, it's their hard work that makes it possible for me to do what I do, and they are the ones that I work harder for.” - Vikki

Running a design and manufacturing business in the Philippines allows you to celebrate skill and material. All of which are executed by human hands. Being designers in the Philippines, Vikki and I strongly believe that we have a special advantage when bringing our designs to life. Through harmonizing efforts and human connection, we are able to feel inspired all throughout the design process.